Invisalign® is a series of clear trays, or aligners, that are custom-made to gradually move and align your teeth. An example of this would be, if we only need 3 sets of aligners to move your teeth to their final spot, your treatment progress would be as shown below:

How Invisalign Works

  • With the 1st aligner, we move your teeth from point A to B
  • With the 2nd aligner, we move them from point B to C
  • With the 3rd aligner, we move them from point C to D

To move your teeth, we will place attachments on some of your teeth at the beginning of your treatment and remove them at the end. Attachments are very small and closely match the color of your teeth. To understand their purpose better, think of them like a steering wheel of a car. We apply pressure on different sides of the steering wheel (the Attachment) to move the car (your teeth).

Teeth - bumps


Invisalign is not necessarily more expensive than braces. There is no age limit for Invisalign and treatment does not take longer than braces. We are able to treat any type of malocclusion by Invisalign. However, for some complex treatments such as surgical orthodontics, Dr. Amin Movahhedian, and Dr. Vaziri may recommend other methods of treatment.


  • No braces on teeth
  • Almost invisible and very cosmetic
  • Very easy to wear and remove
  • No diet restriction
  • No emergency visits
  • Easy to brush and floss
  • Compatible with any sport


  • Patient compliance is extremely important
  • Have to wear it at least 22 hours a day
  • If not worn as instructed, it will not work
  • Not the best option for frequent snackers
  • There will be attachments on some of the teeth

If you don’t want attachments on your teeth and seek the most cosmetic treatment currently available in orthodontics, consider Hidden Braces.

There is a misconception about the nature of Invisalign by looking at it as a product that can be purchased anywhere. The reality is, Align Technology only manufactures your aligners based on an orthodontist's guidance and recommendation. An experienced orthodontist will guide them during this process with a full understanding of your needs and expectations with a solid plan for your treatment. Your orthodontist has 2-3 years of extensive training in this field which makes them the most qualified to provide your treatment. Read more about Dr. Amin Movahhedian, Dr. Hamed Vaziri, and what sets AvA Orthodontics apart.


Treatment Planning

After a complete and detailed analysis of your smile, Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri will present their recommended treatment. Upon your approval, you will learn more about each step of your treatment, the length of your treatment, and the number of aligners you'll have.


A set of precise impressions is key for the fit of your aligners. We take them, send them to Align technology to digitize them and send them back to us via a secure cloud-based system. Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri will analyze and calculate the best route for each tooth movement and design the attachment accordingly. Upon completion, they will have the manufacturer fabricate the trays.


Your active tooth movement starts by wearing the first set of aligners. The progress continues from one tray to another. We will monitor the progress and take any necessary steps to move your teeth according to our plan. Your follow up visits can be anywhere between 4-12 weeks. 

Sometimes, to make sure that you are completely happy with your smile, some minor fine-tuning may become necessary. These slight modifications may include adding a few more sets of aligners or using some additional accessories. Once you are a hundred percent satisfied with your smile, we remove all of your attachments, fabricate and deliver your retainers. Wearing your retainers is the final step of your treatment.

If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, don't worry - Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri will go over all of your treatment options with you during your initial consultation so that you can be completely confident you're making the best possible decision moving forward.


All of the attachments will be removed. You will receive your retainers to maintain your beautiful smile.