About AvA Orthodontics & Invisalign

What Sets AvA Apart

We don’t have a customer service representative; it’s everyone’s job to take care of you. We follow a simple rule, the more everyone is engaged with you the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what we should be doing. People who have had experiences with us don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend us; they insist that their family and friends come to us!

Board Certified Specialists

Both Dr. Amin Movahhedian and Dr. Hamed Vaziri are board-certified. They became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics to make sure they provide the highest possible quality of care to their patients. While you are at AvA Orthodontics you know that you are in good hands.

Degrees _ Certificates
Dr Amin AvA Orthodontics Orthodontist

Dr. Amin Movahhedian

I love the way orthodontics combines physics and dentistry to create a unique science that is dynamic and flexible in nature. It makes it a specialty that is perfectly suited to me. The connections that I make with my patients while we work toward beautiful smiles are rewarding. I meet so many fascinating individuals and learn from each of them.

Dr. Hamed Vaziri

I love my career as an orthodontist. It is the combination of art and science which suits my character very well. It also gives me the chance to see many amazing individuals on a daily basis. I get to know them, be a part of their lives, and help them achieve their dream smile. In my opinion, a smile is what connects us together and that is why I love to create beautiful smiles.

Dr Hamed AvA Orthodontics Orthodontist

Meet the AvA team

We love what we do. That’s why we are always smiling! We know how to have fun and be professional while taking care of you. We also make sure that you have a great time while you are with us. Our orthodontic assistants who help Dr. Amin Movahhedian and Dr. Hamed Vaziri are all Registered Dental Assistants, RDA. This means that they have completed specialized formal education and have passed grueling examinations.


Adopted Child of September 2019

AvA's Charity

To achieve our mission on a global scale, for every patient starting treatment at one of AvA Orthodontics offices, we donate to treat a child suffering from cleft lip in developing countries. AvA’s charity is associated with Smile Train, a non-profit organization. Through this partnership, we are able to provide funds and training to local doctors all around the world to provide free treatment for patients with facial defects.

Office Tour

You can navigate inside the entire office by using the interactive walkthrough. Feel free to stop by for a complete tour of the offices, to meet Dr. Amin Movahhedian, Dr. Hamed Vaziri, the staff at AvA Spring, AvA League City, AvA Pearland, and AvA Cypress, and to learn more about the service you will receive at AvA Orthodontics & Invisalign.