Types Of Braces

Metal Braces Most commonly used Usually made of stainless steel Need color bands to hold the wire Clear Braces Most esthetic Usually made of ceramic or ceramic reinforced plastic Need elastics to hold the wire They bond better to the teeth Different Types of Braces Self-Ligating Braces They don’t need colors to hold the wire, […]

Braces For Kids

Treatment for children is also known as Phase I orthodontic treatment. The purpose of this phase is to detect, prevent and treat any problems early enough before they develop into a more severe complication. For example, due to the growth potential of the jaws at this age, mild to moderate skeletal problems are easier to […]

Braces For Teens

Also known as comprehensive treatment, it is performed once all of the permanent teeth have erupted in the mouth. It usually coincides between the ages of 11 to 15. For many reasons this age range is considered one of the best times to receive orthodontic treatment; among those are: All of the permanent teeth are […]

Braces For Adults

If you are an adult interested in getting braces, we have good news for you, there is no age limit for tooth movement and it’s never too late to have a great smile! Each year more adults become interested in improving their smiles. As a matter of fact, the fastest-growing demand for orthodontic treatment in […]

Life With Braces

What You Need To Know There are a few important things you need to know about what your life will be like while you wear braces – which are essential both in terms of preparing yourself and to help make sure you make the best possible decisions at all times. What To Eat/Not Eat With […]