Young girl with dental invisible braces.

The Major Benefits

Gone are the days when you only had one major treatment option available to you if you wanted to correct an issue like crooked teeth or an overbite. Over the last decade, in particular, Invisalign has emerged as a viable opportunity for teens in particular and it has become quite popular, in no small part due to the wide array of different advantages you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Most teens love the fact that Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces - this despite the fact that they cost the same amount and you'll wear them for roughly the same amount of time. Because the clear plastic Invisalign aligners are totally removable, you can both eat whatever you want AND you can take them out for special events like the Prom.

The vast majority of teen patients love the fact that they won't be forced to miss out on any types of extra-curricular activities. In addition to the aforementioned Prom, there's nothing stopping you from participating in spring musicals, band concerts and your sports schedule - all without the added hassle of trying to protect traditional braces.

The fact that Invisalign is great for teen athletes, coupled with the improved confidence you'll get at the end of your treatment, creates something of a perfect storm in the best possible way for most teen patients.

Custom Made Aligners For Comfort

A big part of the reason why Invisalign is so comfortable comes down to how those clear plastic aligners are constructed in the first place. A series of very precise measurements are taken of your mouth at the beginning of treatment, allowing the aligners to act as something of a "second skin" for your teeth.

Not only that, but you'll also be able to see exactly what your mouth is going to look like once treatment is complete - making it an exceptional opportunity that you won't want to miss.

How Long Do I Have to Wear My Aligners?

Generally speaking, Invisalign clear plastic aligners must be worn for as long as possible - so think 22 hours per day, if not longer. Overall, you'll really only want to take them out when you brush your teeth, when you floss or when you're eating.

At every other time for the duration of your treatment, those aligners should be firmly in your mouth.

Overall, most people find that treatment goes on for about the same length as traditional braces - although this can obviously vary depending on the severity of the issues you're attempting to correct to begin with.

Is Having an Active Lifestyle Possible With Invisalign?

As previously stated, yes - the vast majority of teen patients don't experience any type of interruption to their lifestyle whatsoever.

In addition to the fact that Invisalign seems tailor-made to support and empower an active lifestyle. Just be sure that you continue to wear your mouthguard on top of your Invisalign during sports to protect your teeth.

If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, don't worry - your orthodontic professional will go over all of your treatment options with you during your initial consultation so that you can be completely confident you're making the best possible decision moving forward.